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It was a period when a rupee could buy an ice-cream cone or bhel from the school canteen was 000 and INR10, quite literally a king’s ransom. This meant a family of four with generally two kids and a combined household income of INR 1200 would require a great deal of saving and parsimony for the most straightforward of birthday indulgences, that once in a year birthday present, eagerly anticipated by every child. Return gifts were not fancy, leave alone the frightfully expensive, personalized ones which have spoilt and become de rigueur the current generation and usually contained of poor pencil boxes, water bottles or breakfast cartons sans the nearly unaffordable ones with Disney labels or decals that have now flooded the market! Translation in terms of time

Many parents are reluctant to let their babies and toddlers play with things that are small because everything tends to end up in the mouth. But playing with small items is crucial for developing flexibility and strength of those little fingers. If you supervise your child while they’re playing with small objects (and typically that simply means that you will be playing alongside your infant or toddler) you will constantly be able to catch the item before it lands in the mouth.

This really is what the TMNT custom bobble heads are. They can be collectibles that will really capture the attention of adults and kids alike. The foursome is observing its 25th year and it is only fitting that something is made within their honor. This is the reason why it is possible to view a lot of despicable me minions now that are patterned after them. But if you’re going to have a look at the collectible toys which have been very popular for the past few years, then you know that bobble head dolls are the most well-adored collectible.


Being creative is something most kids really enjoy. As there’s so many great things you can do with it it is not difficult for parents to direct play with this toy. You can construct simple shapes or make more complex characters. It’s possible for you to construct 3D figures and dolls. It’s easy to get the effects you desire with this type of substance that is pliable.

A neighbour or relative would walk in camera that is armed with the only and at random take pictures, of the cake cutting and other treats laid out on the table – nearly always samosas and the wafers and home made sherbet.

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